I'm from the south and was raised in a cotillion , white gloves and party manners and country club environment. Somehow, despite the fact that my dad (who is wonderful, don't get me wrong) is a staunch republican and Fox News watcher, I have ended up an avid feminist and someone who stands for the type of beliefs … » 3/03/15 11:59pm 3/03/15 11:59pm

I read this yesterday. And while I'm usually a sporadic commenter, I wanted to come back and thank you for sharing this with us. It's really stuck with me for the last day and a half, and is one of the most moving pieces I've read on here. :) » 5/31/14 12:58am 5/31/14 12:58am

I'm really going to try and make it! I'm home in TN right now, because a loved one passed but I am really going to try and be there on Saturday. Is it okay if I just tell you a probably and I have to play it by ear? I'll be flying back to DC Saturday afternoon, so I'm not sure how tired I'll be. Sorry. » 3/27/14 11:52pm 3/27/14 11:52pm